How Careful Are You About Your Oral Health?

Healthy gums and teeth are a must for anyone to have a happy meal. Even though we sometimes tend to ignore how much oral health is important to enjoy food and drinks – that we sometimes spend large amounts for –when an issue occurs in the oral cavity we will realise more attention must have been paid to it. There are several main issues that can affect your oral health, less serious ones such as decaying teeth, gum diseases, dry mouth and serious issues such as oral cancer. It is also important to pay more consideration to your teeth as you age.

Decaying of teeth

The enamel covers the teeth like a tight plastic covers a food container. This is the outer coating of your teeth. With the food and drinks you consume, a light coat of bacteria is built up on the tooth everyday known as dental plaque. These bacteria can produce acids which are harmful to the enamel. It can then lead to having cavities in the teeth. This is the reason your dentist prescribes brushing twice a day and flossing frequently. Brushing of course can prevent the decay of the teeth, however, when a cavity occurs a tooth extraction Camberwell has to be done to take care of it. They also will advise using atoothpaste with fluoride as it has been proven by research that fluoride is a must to keep teeth strong.

What is gum disease?

“Gums” are the rubbery part above your teeth. The dental plaque, as explained above, can build and spread to the gums as well. This is the reason behind gum disease. It can even grow out to the bone that holds your teeth together as well. Gum disease makes your gums tender and hurt due to the infections of the plaque. This may lead to bleeding; take care if you see blood while you are brushing in the morning or night. This situation is known as gingivitis, it can be fixed by frequent and correct brushing and flossing. However if you ignore it and do not take any medications, it can develop to periodontitis which means a severe form of the infections. If goes untreated, periodontitis can destroy the gums, bones and other associated tissues; your teeth may have to be removed.

Good habits for good oral health

Of course, brushing twice a day is a must. It must be with a fluoride toothpaste as well. Flossing at least once a day is a good practice. Have an appointment with your Camberwell junction dental to make sure you have a check-up done at least once a year. Even if the dentist thinks it is unnecessary, you can request a cleaning if you feel like the teeth are discolored. It will do good to quit drinking caffeine drinks in excess, smoking and eating food that are really hot. Ask your dentist or watch a video in the internet about brushing your teeththe right way; you need to brush on all sides to cover all the surfaces of the teeth with a brush that has soft bristles. Too harsh ones can damage the enamel. It is always better to prevent something than go for the cure spending a lot of money and time. So take regular care of your teeth today.