First Know The Demand And Then Only Supply The Product

Certainly employment has always been a point of concern for everybody, since everybody wants to get a job get paid and enjoy a good life there are demands of jobs and supply is so ample that for one job opening there are multiple candidates in a row to fill it. Under such tight circumstances companies which are already ahead in the race of success there are some startups which are confined to a certain space only and cannot really do much about it. Hence there is a hero called recruitment agencies which provides good hiring criteria, testing center and above all interviews (panel and single) there are so many things which they do in order to facilitate small scale companies to survive in the market. Recruitment agencies work as a middle man who is there to help both the parties to get in touch with each elaborate further there are international companies too which are interested to hire people from different countries right? Hence, they give contract to the recruitment agencies to do the needful for them and setup everything, use the brand name (company name the company which is actually hiring the employee), use the stationary of their own to represent their own recruitment company as well; moreover, recruitment agencies send advertisements with their own name. So let’s discuss few aspects which are expected from a recruitment agency:

Setup the venue:

It is not the duty of the root company (who wants the employee) to give setup and everything but, the recruitment agency must arrange everything and especially keep the reputation in mind of the root company, because after all the recruitment agency is acting as a representative of the root company. Similarly the venue, stationary and everything should be the responsibility of a recruitment agency only.

Interview and test content:

Questionnaires, interview panel and test content can only be decided by the recruitment agency only. There is nothing which a root company can intervene in. the recruitment agency has to understand and check and arrange everything. There are some companies which provide their own content for the test and interviews, yet this is also acceptable but then there are companies which are totally strict in this regard and they don’t really rely on outside content. Hence they provide their own panel and they depute their own people for the interview thing and test thing.

The aforementioned covers all the aspects which one may expect from a recruitment agency there are certain things which usually and most recruitment agencies provide to the root companies, but mostly the above mentioned are important.