Find The Best Fabric Pin Boards Ideas And Uses For Empty Walls

Fabric pin boards are made to enhance the decoration and beauty of children’s rooms, living rooms, offices and classrooms to display photos, quotes, achievement certificates, informative material, flashcards and greeting cards. These boards are usable without using pins to display items for displaying item on this board just slide one or two corners of the photo under the rope or ribbon used in the formation of 45-degree square design in the board. These are attractive for kids and provide them with informative material to learn. Go here for more information about whiteboard price.


Material and formation for fabric pin boards


It is very easy to make DIY fabric pin boards for an empty wall of your house to cover and make it worth watching. You can make your customized fabric pin board by using differently designed fabric, colourful ribbons and pins of different shapes. 


  • A hard sheet of wood is places as a base material and two metal hooks are used in this board to make it hang able on the wall.
  • A thick sheet of foam is pasted on the wooden sheet and then covers it with a fine quality of fabric with attractive colours and designs.
  • Lastly, a 45-degree square pattern is formulated with the use of ribbons and on each cross of ribbon coming in the pattern; a pin is placed to fix the pattern on the board.


Uses of Fabric pinboards


  • In Preschools-Fabric pinboards are used to display different educational flashcards to attract kids towards education and to increase their learning skill.


  • In Kids bedrooms-These are used to display the photos of kids related to different remember able events.


  • Onthe entrance facing wall- These boards are hung on entrance facing wall to display family photos and greeting cards.


  • In offices- these boards are used to display different achievement certificates.


  • In living rooms- These are used to display the photos of funny memories by watching your collection of funny moments in your life you feel relaxed and pleased.


  • Outside the kitchens-Sometimes these boards are hanged outside your kitchens to display groceries cards and different unpaid bill for the sake of reminders. Special notes for any family member could also be displayed by writing on a card to remind any task to be done in your absence.


Final draft


Many people make their DIY fabric pin boards by using the material which they have available in their home. But if you want a durable, elegant and unique fabric pin board that could meet your high expectations then you should take help of professional manufacturers because these boards could be the most attractive place of your house for you. Ultimate pinboards & Whiteboards Company is providing the best range of different boards with specialized unique designs which have a cleanable surface. We are providing predesigned boards as well as customized designed are also being delivered on demands and orders. You may contact us through our website for quotations and online order placement.