Differences Between Anxiety And Panic Attack

Hectic lifestyle is barring us from enjoying a healthy life. Workload and other pressures are putting us at the risk of mental pressure and different problems. Depression, anxiety and other metal problems have become quite common names in our lives. We no longer live a life where we can live without stress and tension. In such a world, we must possess knowledge about metal problems that can wreck our lives. People often use panic attack and anxiety interchangeably. It is necessary to know the difference between these two things to get proper treatment and at proper time.

Panic attack:

A panic attack is sense or fear and doom that make people affected both mentally and physically. The feeling is so intense and physical at the same time that the victim can end up in the emergency. People even think that they are having a heart attack. Sweating and racing heart accompany this attack. Patients also feel it difficult to breathe in so many people think that they are going to die. This attack develops swiftly and can stay at the pick for a few minutes to one or two hours. The severity of physical symptoms is overwhelming and is accompanied by shaking. People suffering from this must pay visit to a psychologist Bondi Junction.

Anxiety attack:

Anxiety is a little different than the panic attack. During anxiety attack, the primary focus is on the mental situation. Anxiety is built around the situations of life. This build up is gradual and will take time to reach the peak. When it reaches the peak there will be some physical symptoms also. These symptoms are similar to those of panic attack. Breathing problem, shaking, racing heart are the physical symptoms. But the severity is nothing like that is panic attack. The advice of an anxiety psychologist is the only way to get rid of the problem.