Informative Argument About Teeth And Hair Removal Treatments

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

The process through which the colour of human teeth can lighten us is known as teeth whitening in geelong. The second name for teeth whitening is teeth bleaching. Teeth whitening  includes the elements like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide works as the oxidizing agent while carbamide peroxide works with the contact of water.


The necessity of teeth whitening treatment is to get rid of the discoloured teeth, teeth with stains.

Teeth whitening is recommended in various conditions such as intrinsic teeth staining, dental fluorosis tetracycline staining, etc.


Staining in teeth may be occurring due to many reasons, by eating colour food, by smoking, or because of the use of any kind of tobacco product.

Teeth staining are of two types

Intrinsic Staining

The teeth whitening target is to remove the stains that occur due to genetic or aging problems (intrinsic).

Extrinsic Staining

The problem like smoking included in extrinsic smoking the teeth whitening also used to remove the intrinsic stains.


Teeth whitening cannot be applied to every patient. Before teeth whitening treatment, the dentist checks the patient’s dental history. In some condition teeth whitening needed to be avoided.

Some of them given as follows.

  • A patient which has an allergy to peroxide is not given the teeth whitening treatment.
  • A person with sensitive gums.
  • Having defective filling
  • Pregnant and acting women

Laser Hair Removal

The procedure of removing hair using laser light is known as the laser hair removal treatment. The laser hair removal devices are easily available everywhere.  These devices can be used at home for the removal of hair.


The necessity of laser hair removal is to remove the hair from the body for the long period. Or to get rid of the thick hair for a long duration.


The working principle of the laser hair removal SPTL stands for selective photothermolysis that uses a laser to remove the hair without affecting its surrounding. Laser hair removal treatment is a technique in which only the basal stem in the hair follicle is heated where the remaining stem remains unaffected makes it more popular. Laser hair removal treatment is less painful than other hair removing products like waxing and threading.


Laser hair removal treatment is long-lasting but there are some precautions are necessary during and after this treatment.

The person should avoid scrubbing, hot shower, steam path, direct exposure to the sun, threading, and waxing within 48 hours, not to exposed to heat like heaters and hearth heat.

If laser hair removal treatment is done to remove the facial hairs then the patient must wear glasses to protect the eyes from the direct laser light that may be dangerous for the eye. Swelling may occur after the laser hair removal treatment in ballarat. That can be settled in 1 to 2 days. Itching can be reduced by using ice cubes in the itching area.